Schmidt Family Barbecue

Here at dna events, you can have your favorite bbq served in a fashion that still says “Texas Wedding”. For many people, that favorite is Schmidt Family Barbecue and if you haven’t had their bbq, you are missing out.

They have been serving Lockhart Style Barbecue for over 75 years!

They serve Certified Angus Brisket slow smoked indirectly for 15-18 hours over seasoned post oak wood. Certified Angus is one of the top brands in the beef industry having to pass 10 specifications to be labeled as “Certified”.

They also have a 35′ clean trailer bbq pit that can be brought on-site to your event, for that “authentic” Texas flair!

They offer catering options for for all sizes and types of events. You can ask for their basic catering services or,by pairing their food with dna’s full-service-catering packages, you can have the level of expertise and service required to make your day perfect.

Call us today to learn more about having Schmidt Family Barbecue at your wedding and/or other special events.

dna events: 512-452-3333

Schmidt Family

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