Feature Blog: Who We Are at DNA Events

With a non-traditional approach to catering like ours, DNA Events understands that sometimes it may be difficult to comprehend the scope of our services and where we fit in the events industry. With this being the case, we wanted to take a moment to provide some detailed information about the services we provide in a way that exemplifies what sets us apart from the rest! We hope the following information in this post helps clear up any confusion you may currently have about DNA Events’ services and enables you to decide if we are a good fit for your next event


We are a catering company, but not in the traditional sense!

Though DNA Events does not provide in-house food like a traditional caterer, we work with local eateries to serve their famous menus in a full-service capacity for larger events or families favorite recipes. Many of your favorite Austin restaurants and food trucks do not have full-service catering departments or only offer delivery or pick-up service for larger orders. Additionally, many of our area’s prominent event venues only allow food providers through their doors who have exhibited great skill and care in executing full-service catering in their respective spaces. That’s where DNA Events comes in! Through our comprehensive service packages that include professional catering equipment, staffing, and on-site event managers, we are able to service food from our restaurant and food truck partners (as well as other famed locales) in a way that mirrors the process a traditional, in-house caterer would provide. It is worth noting that many local event spaces know DNA Events very well and trust our skills; even if we are coming in with catering from a brand new food truck in town, venues rest assured knowing that DNA Events will take care of their space and ensure that guests are properly cared for.


We are not a staffing company, but we provide full-service staffing and all necessary service equipment with our comprehensive event service packages.

While Austin is home to a number of staffing companies that provide labor for miscellaneous service industry needs, DNA Events is not one of them. Our team is comprised of seasoned, Texas Food Handler- and TABC-certified servers, but they are provided as part of comprehensive catering service packages that encompass the day-of catering needs required to service your specified third-party menus. With our service packages, you are ensured to receive all you will need to see your event executed with the utmost in quality and service expertise, complete with a highly skilled service team and catering manager, as well as all of the plates, glassware, flatware, and food service equipment that you will need (more on that below). As we are a sister company to Dagar’s Catering, Austin’s oldest caterer, we are backed by decades of full-service experience and event knowledge. Simply put, DNA Events is more than qualified to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed in the execution of your food and beverage services. On that note…


We do not sell alcohol, but we do provide bar service packages!

Though DNA Events does not carry a liquor license and therefore cannot sell alcohol to clients or their guests in any respect, we do offer full-service bar packages for alcohol provided by the client. Similar to our catering service packages, our bar packages provide all TABC-certified bartenders and bar equipment necessary for service of beer, wine, and mixed drinks; all the client has to provide is the alcohol! If you are looking for a company that can also provide your alcohol or a cash bar, our sister company Dagar’s Catering holds a liquor license and would be happy to help you with this need!


We are not a rental company, but we can assist in securing your rental needs, both in-house and through our third-party recommendations!

Our service packages include all of the equipment that you will need to execute successful food and beverage service, including seven in-house China patterns, glassware, silverware, cloth napkins, and catering equipment. We also carry standard white and ivory tablecloths that you may rent for your event. If you require guest tables, chairs, specialty guest table linens, specialty plates or flatware, or any other miscellaneous rental items or décor, our seasoned event specialists certainly assist you in securing these rentals. In these cases, we work closely with local rental companies to help bring your design vision to fruition. As an extension of this service, we can also assist you in securing any other event needs you may have, whether you need a venue, transportation, entertainment, and beyond.


We do provide in-house floral services!

As a recent addition to our in-house services, DNA Events now provides in-house floral services as well! If you are seeking a skilled florist, our very own Esther Joucken brings decades of experience in floral design to the table. Feel free to ask about this service when you call us for your next event!


To sum it up, DNA Events is a full-service catering company that works closely with local food providers to professionally serve their famed menus at large events, in addition to providing in-house bar packages, floral services, and assistance in securing other third-party event services.

While one could certainly pull together all of the components necessary to execute events like this in a DIY manner—from rentals to food to equipment to labor—such an undertaking would no doubt result in unnecessary stress, disjointedness, and many unforeseen, day-of hiccups. We at DNA Events believe that clients should be able to wholly enjoy their events with their guests and let the professionals take care of the rest, and we are here to facilitate this. We are indeed event experts, but you can also think of us as an organized group of stress-relievers, too!

Operating under the mantra of “Be unique, eat unique!”, DNA Events has filled a very special role in the Hill Country events industry; we aim to help clients incorporate their own specialty tastes and quirks into their event’s food and beverage menus in a big way! For more information on DNA Events, please give us a call today at 512.452.3333 or visit our official website.